Genie Garage Door Opener Replacement Remote: Genie Intellicode Mini Remote

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Intellicode technology was added to Genie garage door opener system by the Genie company since 1995. Genie is the largest brand of garage door opener and has experience manufacturing the garage door opener over fifty years. as the time goes by the company still continues to produce a high technology devices with various mechanisms up until now.

Genie Garage Door Opener Replacement Remote

This Genie Mini remote works with Genie Intellicode radio controls made from 2010

Intellicode is one of Genie patented technology as security features. The Intellicode system uses rolling code access to give your garage door opener security. The rolling code access will rolls different access code of more than 4.3 billions possible combinations of codes every time the door is engaged, so there will be no single code is repeatedly sent. With this kind of technology makes it impossible for unauthorized people to virtually get access to your garage and surely safes the property in the garage. There are several kinds of Genie garage door opener replacement remotes and Genie Intellicode Mini remote is one that applies the Intellicode technology.

Genie Intellicode Mini remote as Genie garage door opener replacement remotes can control Genie garage door openers manufactured in 2010 and after. Besides made to work with Genie Intellicode, this mini remote is also can work with Overhead Door CodeDodger garage door opener. Auto seeks frequency range allows the remote automatically seek the two frequencies the 315 MHZ and 390 MHZ. Because it is intentionally designed to communicate with the two frequencies, Genie Intellicode Mini remote make sure the  opener will respond despite of any interference of nearby frequencies.

This Genie garage door opener replacement remote will replace other Genie remote products such as GIT-1, GIT-2, GIT-3, G3T, GITR-1 ,OCDT-1, OCDT-2, OCDT-3, OCDT-3M or GMI-3 Genie  remote. The original Genie Mini remote that also function as a key-chain remote is included visor clip and battery. You get a bargaining price up to $12.52 from Amazon.

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