Troubleshoot Genie Garage Door Opener: What To Do

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What’s more frustrating rather than having your should-be-helpful device is not working properly? As the price of garage door openers is more reasonable, today garage door openers are found at almost every home. Genie one of the largest brands of garage door opener aimed the DIY market and successfully sold billions of DIY garage door openers. Genie makes the garage door opener to be possible to be programmed and installed even without a professional assistance. As the garage door is easy to be installed and programmed, how to troubleshoot Genie garage door opener is possible to be done by the users too.

Troubleshoot Genie Garage Door Opener

Genie garage door opener products are easy to be programmed

Users can find how to troubleshoot Genie garage door in the manual book, which is coming with the Genie garage door opener product that they bought. For those who have not the manual book and you have a problem operating your garage door you can do the first checking. Try to check the remote and the remote batteries, check the limit setting, check the connection wire from the power head to wall control and check the force adjustment.

For the specific problem such as the garage door opener makes a sound, but it does not work, you may try to troubleshoot Genie garage door opener as follows:

First try to check moving parts. Examine whether if the rails blocked or not and check also the armature is connected to the garage door. Examine that the unit is working and not in a manual mode. Check also the force adjustment.

The old and weak springs will cause straining motor not successfully opening and closing the door due to the burden of lifting or lowering the door opener motor and drive system. You need to tweak the force adjustment to make it work again.

Another option is to pull the emergency release handle to disengage the overhead unit. By disengaged it you can manually open and close the garage door. Test the spring and the rail system by lifting and lowering the door. If the door is working properly, you should inspect the springs if it is not working properly, you should inspect the component of the opener unit.

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