Genie Garage Door Opener Homelink: Programming an Intellicode with HomeLink

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Genie Garage Door Opener HomeLink: Programming an Intellicode with HomeLink

Genie garage door opener is now compatible to be programmed with HomeLink so you will able to control wirelessly your garage door, gate, vehicles, etc. If you want Genie garage door opener HomeLink to be programmed, you need to search for HomeLink logo in the manual and the Genie product. Search also in your car or its documentation.

In programming Genie garage door opener HomeLink, you need to turn your car on to vehicle accessory setting. Try to press and hold the buttons of HomeLink in your vehicle and do not release them until the HomeLink indicator is blinking.

Genie Garage Door Opener Homelink

Find HomeLink Logo before starting to program

Put the remote of Genie garage door opener as near as 1 to 3 inches from the HomeLink. Get the most convenient position so you can program HomeLink and the remote at the same time. Press and hold together both of the HomeLink button and genie intellicode remote button. You should wait for HomeLink indicator to blinking in a slow motion and change in a rapid motion. Do not release the button until you see the changes from slow into fast motion.

As you release the button, you need to press and hold the trained HomeLink button. Pay attention to the indicator light of HomeLink. If you do not see the indicator light flashing or blinking, the process of training is all done.

Since the rolling code security system technology on Genie Intellicode needs a further process to be programmed with Genie garage door opener HomeLink, as the indicator light of HomeLink starts flashing fast for seconds and stay lit. To begin the process by pressing the Learn code button on the Genie motor unit. Get the HomeLink button inside your vehicle that you have trained before pressed within 30 seconds. You need to press the HomeLink button for two seconds and you need to repeat the press, hold and release process for about three times. Ask other person to help you performing the process in case the process is failed in the first time.

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