How Do You Program a Genie Garage Door Opener Intellicode Series II Transmitter

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Genie uses transmitter to allow the door operator to receive the signal so the door will open and close properly, how do you program a Genie garage door opener with the transmitter? Unfortunately, if you have an older transmitters and receivers as this new electronics do not have switches of security code inside the Door operators you cannot program it with your Genie garage door opener.

how do you program a genie garage door opener

Genie Intellicode Series II Transmitter programming begin with finding learn code button and radio signal indicator.

How do you program a Genie garage door opener Intellicode series II transmitter starts from finding the learn code button and radio signal indicator on the door operator. You have to look the power head receiver to find both button and indicator. The indicator will be right under the learn code button on the left side of the power head receiver. Step two, press and release the learn code button and indicator will respond by flashing twice per seconds.

Next step, get your Genie transmitter and press it within 30 seconds after the indicator is blinking. Once you press transmitter, the radio signal indicator will solidly lit. Once again, press the same button on the transmitter in 30 seconds, you will see that the indicator is off. If you see the radio signal indicator blinking rapidly for four times per seconds when you send the second transmitter code, it means the code is not confirmed and the programming process will stop. As it stops, you can repeat the steps on how do you program a Genie garage door opener from press and release the learn code button.

You can repeat the instructions for each transmitter or wireless keypad or any other access device you have. You can store the transmitter, wireless keypad and other access devices up to 7 devices in one process of programming. As you want to erase one of access devices you can perform the process of erasing all receiver memory.

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