Genie Garage Door Openers Manuals: How to Set and Test Open/Close Limits For Chain Lift

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Genie’s product known for its easiness to be programmed and installed. A default setting for Genie garage door product is installed in factory but users can easily to adjust the setting by following steps by steps on Genie garage door openers manuals. Setting up open and close limits is as easy as other settings. The setting become important as you need to control the door position when it goes up (open) or down (close) so the door will run perfectly without any significant problems. Users can make an adjustment on the main power head of the opener, users can look for a panel located on the bottom of the power head. As written on Genie garage door openers manuals, users can adjust the close and open travel limit, maximum closing and opening force and transmitter programming.

genie garage door openers manuals

Setting up your up and down of garage door position is important

To make open and close limits set up, first you can connect chain to carriage by pressing and holding the close travel limit button on the panel, do not release until the chain approaches and connects to carriage. As the chain is connected to carriage you can proceed the process to set up close and open travel limit. As mentioned on Genie garage door openers manuals, to set up close travel limit you need to press and hold the close travel limit (showed by down arrow) button and do not release until the door is completely closed. To make your door open a little bit you can hastily press and release the close travel limit button or open travel limit button. Once you get a desired position you can store it by press and release the down set limit button and you will see the LED indicator blinking one time. To adjust the setting of open travel limit, press and hold the open travel limit (up arrow button) button and you will see the opener will move the door to open fully position. Hold still the button until the door reaches an exact position that you want it or press and release the same button fast to move door slightly open. Use the close travel limit button to make an adjustment of the down position. Once you get the position you want, you can press and release the open set limit button and you will see the LED will flash green for two times.

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