How To Program Genie Garage Door Opener Remote Transmitter With Internal Set Switches Procedures

June 30, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Installation Tips.

There is no significant problem to deal with when programming Genie garage door opener remote. Genie’s products, the openers or accessories or parts are always simple and easy to be programmed and installed. How to program Genie garage door opener remote transmitter with internal set switches has simple procedures and just take you minutes away to do it.

how to program genie garage door opener remote

No matter what kind of remote Genie has, programming Genie remote is always simple

First, how to program Genie garage door opener remote transmitter with internal set switches is simply done by matching the switches of the internal code switches setting with the switches setting in the receiver. You have to find the receiver on the Genie garage door opener motor head. It is usually located behind the light lens or in a small rectangular box on the ceiling.

For the multi button digital remotes with internal set switches, how to program Genie garage door opener remote starts from matching the settings on the internal code switches with the set of switches of the receiver. Continues the procedure by moving the small programming switch to SET or shows with the letter S. Press the desired transmitter button to be activated with the door. Next, you need to return the programming switch to RUN or shows with letter R. Press the decided transmitter button previously to check the door, is it moving as expected or not. As the door is moving, the program is done and you can proceed the same procedure for each doors you want to program.

The transmitters of Genie garage door opener remote have two small switches next to internal code setting switches. The one on the right switch should be set based on how many code setting switches of your receiver, the 9 switches or 12 switches. While the left switch one is functioned for programming. Remember, programming a button for one door and you can follow the same procedure for your additional doors.

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