Simple Program Garage Door Opener Genie ReliaG 850 and 650 Models

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There are enormous models of Genie garage door openers. They have one thing in common, easy to be programmed and installed. Programming Genie garage door opener remote is always simple and quick no matter what models it comes. There is a simpler way to program garage door opener Genie ReliaG 850 and 650 models and similar models for those who has not the owner’s manual.

program garage door opener genie

No matter what models it comes, programming Genie garage door opener is simple

The simple remote program garage door opener Genie ReliaG 850 and 650 models start from pressing and holding the Program Set Button. The Program Set Button has a rectangular shaped next to round LED. Hold the button for two seconds before you release it. As you release the Program Set Button, you will see that the Long LED illuminates.

Next, get your remote and uncover the battery’s protective film by pulling it up. Push any chosen remote button and you will see the long indicator LED on the power head unit, change into purple. You need to press and release the previous chosen remote button once again. You will see the long LED and round LED flashing blue and off in a second as a sign the power head is stored the memory of your remote. Try to test the remote by pressing and release the chosen button on the remote, you should see the garage door of yours is moving.

You can repeat to program garage door opener Genie ReliaG 850 and 650 models from the beginning if the garage door doesn’t move after checking the connection of Genie garage door opener with power. If you want to remove all the remote memory from the power head is also simple. First, press and hold the Program Set Button for 2 seconds. Round LED is on. Release the button and round LED is off while the long LED is flashing purple. Now, you can press the up arrow button and followed by down arrow button together and do not release them until you see both LED is flashing blue and off.

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