No Sweat, How To Program Genie Garage Door Opener

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Genie with its motto always at your command is identified as a brand with great quality in producing garage door opener. The company was established since 1920’s and has evolving into an enormous one with their strength of advance technology for the devices. Lately the brand genie even more popular and used at most American home since their flexibility to install, program and used as the company launched the DIY model. How to program genie garage door opener is now longer take professional’s help, you can do it all by yourself.

You can do it all by yourself of how to program genie garage door opener by following the instructions one by one. First of all open the cover slide halfway to see the keypad of your garage door opener. You may see numbers and other characters on your garage door opener keypad. Get two buttons number 8 and # pressed together and hold it still. In the mean time you can completely open the cover slide. After it is completely open you can release the two buttons simultaneously.

how to program genie garage door opener

Select any combination of your personal identification number from 0-7 only

The next step of how to program genie garage door opener is getting the number of 3, 5, 7 and the last # pressed in sequence on the door opener keypad. Prepare your selection of personal identification number beforehand. You may select the numbers and combine it all numbers up to eight digit but not for number 8 and #. Do not forget to write it on a piece of papers in case something happen and you don’t remember the selection numbers. After the four buttons has been pressed you may press your personal identification number.

The last but not least after selecting and press the selection buttons press # and end it with * after pressing it. The programming once done after you put the slide cover of the keypad back down and to check whether it is working or not, just press the * button.

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