Genie Pro Garage Door Opener Remote Easy Resetting

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Genie is one of the largest brands when it comes to garage door opener. Since 1954 the company has evolved the garage door opener with high tech devices and sophisticated systems. Through years of manufacturing reliable and powerful garage door openers, Genie is also known for producing great accessories including keypad, wall console and remote. Genie is known to be a users-friendly product, it is also applied for remote control. Genie pro garage door opener remote is easy to be programmed and reprogrammed or reset. You may find particular procedure may be varied among the products as it depends on the models.

genie pro garage door opener remote

Get a proper distance when pointing the remote at motor unit

However, basic reset procedure for Genie pro garage door opener remote is able to be performed as long as you locate the learn button on the opener unit and your remote ready any time you want.

As any other resetting or programming, Genie pro garage door opener remote resetting starts from locating the receiver learn code button on the main motor unit. It is usually located on the back side of the motor housing or behind the light lens made of plastic. You need to remove the plastic lens to see the button with screwdriver to unscrew the retaining screws and turn away the lens from the housing. You will directly see the button and indicator light next to it.

You can directly press and release the receiver learn code button. Indicator light next to it will flash. The indicator light should off after 30 seconds. You can get your remote control and point it at the motor unit. Get a proper distance or approximately two feet away. Get your open button on the remote pressed and released. Indicator light will flash as a respond. The remote is now reset and you can make a small test by pressing the open button on the remote. Try to activate the door and see whether the door is moving or not. Repeat the procedure if you door is not moving.

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