Genie Garage Door Opener Programming: Set Up Limits For Intellicode 2

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Genie is brand that has produced many types of garage door opener for many years. It has been said that genie garage door opener is the pioneer of garage door opener using advanced technology. Garage door is now part of American life and found mostly on every home since there is no way better to open garage door in just a click of genie’s magic hand. Genie garage door opener also make it possible to make an easy programming for setting up limit and also setting down limits. Follow these simple steps of genie garage door opener programming for setting up the limits and you will never fail.

For set up limits genie garage door opener programming for intellicode 2, first of all you should check that before setting up limits the bullet is not engaged to carriage. Second of all always make sure wall console is not engaged for a moment, you may use it after the limits has been set and third you can set up limit after you set down limit.

The instructions for setting up limits in genie garage door opener programming begin with finding the up arrow button (+), press and hold it for 2 seconds. After 2 seconds you will find that the long LED light on the left turning blue while the round LED stays off. Next, release the hold and you will see the round LED starting to flash. Do the first steps once more, hold the up arrow button and this time hold it until the door completely open. Make sure it is fully open then you may release the button. Pay attention to the carriage, make sure when the carriage approaching the powerhead it is not make any contact with it. To end the program, just press the program set button then right after that release it. The program set button has rectangle shape just next to the long LED light. Both LED light and the program set button will go blue and go off as you release the button and setting up limit is now end.

Genie Garage Door Opener Programming

Pay attention to the carriage as it is approaching the powerhead

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