Genie Garage Door Opener Accessories Valuable List

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Genie garage door opener has been known since 1954 as a manufacturer produces a very great garage door openers. Through years of manufacturing garage door opener the company also produces other products such as accessories and parts. Numbers of Genie garage door opener accessories are available to answer the demand for needed additional accessories or replacement.

If you are interested to add or replace your Genie garage door opener accessories, you may take a look some of valuable accessories list below.

Genie Garage Door Opener Accessories

This revolutionized remote will assure you to really closing up your garage door securely up to 1000 feet from home

  1. Closed Confirm Remote with Network Adapter. If you are a person who always doubtful whether you have closed the garage door or have not during driving away from home, you should really consider having this innovative closed confirm remote. Check on your Genie garage door opener model, as this remote is only compatible with Genie Revolution Series models such as  PowerMax 1500, PowerMax 1200, SilentMax 1200, SilentMax 1000, ChainMax 1200, and ChainMax 1000.
  2. 3-button Genie Master Remote. Have you recently lost your remote, you should replace your broken old remote, or somebody has stolen your valuable remote? As long as the previous remote is one of Genie garage door opener remote you should not be worried, this 3-button Genie master remote is your best solution. This remote is compatible with all Genie gated community receivers and equipped with Intellicode security system. What about Genie 390 MHz remotes on 9-switch, 12-switch, and 9-switch trinary formats and almost the other old school models of Genie remote, can this remote replace them? What about the year of Genie opener manufactured, can this remote work well with the old year of manufactured? This remote with auto seek dual frequency of 390 MHZ and 315 MHZ will surely work well with almost all of Genie openers that ever manufactured including the switches model.
  3. Battery Back-up Unit is one of the Genie garage door opener accessories that is valuable enough. You need your garage door opener to work in any situation and even the hardest condition one, the power outage. Yes, when the light offs the battery back-up unit is on and your garage door opener will work as it’s supposed to be.

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