How To Install Genie Garage Door Opener Wall Console

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Installing wall console is one of the important parts of installation Genie garage door opener. In a single wall consoles you will find security vacation lock, independent light control and garage door control. Before performing how to install Genie garage door opener wall console, there are things that should be noticed:

  • Find the console the best location for mounting. The best location means it is within garage door’s direct sight, high enough so small children could not reach and operate it or at least 5 feet above thee floor, free from any moving parts or moving garage door. The location should make you easier to find the wall console in the dark as wall console is designed to control door opener from inside the garage.
  • As wall console has a security vacation lock switch, it can disable all controls such as remote or keypad so make sure that the vacation lock switch during the process of how to install Genie garage door opener wall console, is in unlocked position.
  • Make sure there is no power connected to opener before you perform wall console wires installation
  • You should verify a malfunction as there is more than one lighted wall control per opener.
 Install Genie Garage Door Opener

Find best location for mounting Genie wall console

You can start to perform how to install Genie garage door opener wall console procedure by installing wire wall console to the opener. First, connect striped wire on the power head to terminal #1 and connect white wire to terminal #2. Next, go to the back of wall console and connect striped wire to terminal B, meanwhile connects the white wire to terminal W.

You can attach wall console onto the desired wall at the best location as mentioned above using screws, use the recommended 2 (#6×11/4”) pan head screws. As you finish attaching the wall console, you can take away the protective backing from the entrapment warning label and attach it at the  wall near wall console.

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