Genie Garage Door Opener Program Remote Transmitter With Flashlight Instruction

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Genie manufactures a various type of accessories, Genie Intellicode remote transmitter with flashlight is one of them. This remote control is specially designed to work with Series II electronics only. The remote transmitter cannot work with older transmitters and receivers as there are no security code switches in the door operators, transmitters, and receivers. However, Genie garage door opener program remote for this new electronic remote transmitter stays simple and easy.

genie garage door opener program remote

Genie Intellicode remote transmitter is specially designed to work with Genie Series II electronic only.

To program remote transmitter you need to locate learn code button and radio signal indicator. Both of radio signal and learn code button are located on the power head receiver of the garage door operator. As you find both items, first step you need to press and release the learn code button. The radio signal indicator will blink twice per second. Second step, before the signal indicator stop or at least within 30 seconds,  press the transmitter button for one time. As respond, the radio signal indicator will stop blinking and stays lit. Genie garage door opener program remote transmitter third steps continue as you need to press the button on the transmitter that you have pressed previously within 30 seconds. The indicator light will go out.

You should repeat the steps above if you want the devices to be learned for every transmitter, wireless keypad, or any other access entry devices. Genie garage door opener program remote will stop if within 30 seconds second transmitter code is not confirmed or different transmitter is sent. You will know exactly that the program stops as the radio signal indicator will flash about four times per second and then you need to repeat the steps of remote programming above.

For multi-button transmitter, only one button in multi-button transmitter that can be programmed in one receiver. The other buttons are designed to control the other door operators. You can store up to seven codes including the transmitter, wireless keypad, and the other access devices codes in the receiver memory in a single programming.

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