Genie Garage Door Opener Models Tips Selection

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When it comes to buying a Genie garage door opener you are faced with a fact that Genie has been manufacturing garage door opener since long ago, as the results there are huge selections of Genie garage door opener models. What model that you should buy? Genie manufactured the first mass garage door opener in 1954, years later the company launched the first biggest seller opener the Screw Drive opener.

Although it is an old model, Genie still uses the Screw Drive system up to present. Reason why the company insists to use the system is because the Screw Drive opener has less moving parts and it is the most reliable garage door opener.  Some of Screw Drive openers are offered with a direct drive motor system that cause a garage door has maximum lifting force. The latest Screw Drive models are already equipped with the famous security system, Intellicode access security.

Genie garage door opener models

The Genie Excelerator is designed with a more powerful motor.

The second Genie garage door opener models tips selection is Genie Belt Drive openers. If you find Screw Drive opener is rather noisy one, you may find that the Genie Belt Drive opener is one of the quietest garage door openers ever made as it designed with innovative direct current motor and fiber-reinforced belt. You will be amazed by how the Belt Drive operates smoothly with a slow start and stop automatically but has long lasting performance. If you have a room above the garage door opener and do not want to be bothered with the noisy sound made by the opener, this Belt Drive opener is your selection.

Genie Excelerator is the latest product that Genie manufactured. With all Genie garage door openers goodness, which are opening faster, gently closing, and runs very quiet, a new standard performance of Genie garage door opener models is made. The Genie Excelerator is designed with a more powerful motor that meant to open big size doors smoothly but without making noisy sounds.

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