Genie Garage Door Opener Remote Reset Procedure

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Genie, the largest brand of garage door openers, not only produces reliable and powerful garage door opener but also garage door opener accessories. Various kinds of Genie accessories are including wall button, wireless keypad, remote control, etc. All Genie products are easy to be programmed, installed and reset. Genie garage door opener resetting is as simple as other device resetting. Users are always able to perform Genie garage door opener remote reset procedure easily without a professional assistance.

Once you find a problem with your remote control, try to check whether the batteries are in good condition or not. Replace the old batteries with new batteries before performing Genie garage door opener remote reset procedure, if it is necessary. Try to reprogram the remote opener if after changing the batteries your remote still does not work. You may suspect the receiver, when a problem comes with remote. Since not all Genie products have a receiver attached to opener housing, you need to move the receiver little bit away from the opener. You may need to separate the outlet of both opener and receiver if they’re plugged into the same outlet.

Genie garage door opener remote reset

Press the learn code button on the back of the motor unit to start resetting the Genie remote.

All you need to prepare when perform Genie garage door opener remote reset procedure is the remote opener, motor unit, and ladder if necessary.

First, place a ladder right below the main motor unit. Make sure it is on the right side of the rear side of the motor unit so you can reach the learn code button easily. Press the learn code button and get your remote pointed at the motor unit. After that, press the button on the remote for about three times.

The next step you need to test the opener. Try to press the button on the remote control in such a distance. Once you push the remote button, you will see the opener light is blinking and the opener activates the garage door to open. If you find the other way, try to repeat the procedure again.

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