Genie Garage Door Opener Carriage Chain Drive Installation

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Installing Genie garage door opener carriage is necessary as your Genie Chain Drive garage door opener has a worn or broken carriage. Why it is necessary to immediately change the old broken one with new carriage? Because the garage door without any caution will fall and hit anything beneath it or if you lucky enough the door will only remain shut and do not move at all once the Genie’s motor is engaging the chain. The fall door is caused by a broken carriage or slide, which is not engaged with the chain when the door is rising.

To prevent any damage on Genie garage door opener carriage, a monthly maintenance should be performed and you need to immediately install a new carriage as soon as possible, if you find the carriage broken or worn.

Genie garage door opener carriage Chain Drive installation begins with closing the garage door and manually releasing the carriage from the chain. Using pliers, get the pelvis pin that retains the cotter pin in the carriage. At the end of cotter pin, you need to pull clevis pin from a small hole. Later on, push the cotter pin to free the garage door arm from the carriage.

Next, using socket and socket wrench take away bolts from one of the rail clamps and slide the clamp out of the rail. You need to remove old carriage out of the rail, and get the new carriage onto rail by sliding it in its place. Reverse the process to hold the carriage again.

Bind a rope onto new carriage after unbind the old rope and throw away the old rope. Attach the garage door arm to new carriage using cotter pin and clevis pin. Take away the bolts retaining the old inner slide of carriage on the chain by prying the slide with a screwdriver.

Press the down button of the opener, the chain should move toward the door. Get the spot of the both carriage ends onto chain location marked. Press again the opener button and the chain will move  away from the door.

Install the slide by snapping inner slide teeth into chain’s left side with the position of the teeth is facing the rail. Put in the screw through the slide and attaches hex nuts and lock washer onto the screws. To secure the inner slide, tighten the nuts. Connects the inner slide with the new carriage by manually lifting the garage door and the carriage will automatically lock onto inner slide.

Genie garage door opener carriage

A fall door is caused by a broken carriage or slide, which is not engaged with the chain when the door is rising.

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