Genie Keychain Garage Door Opener Selection

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Genie is widely known as one of the biggest brand in manufacturing garage door opener. Genie since 1954, have been produced enormous kinds of garage door opener. Most of them are reliable and powerful garage door openers. The experience of producing garage door opener leads Genie to produce the accessories of garage door opener too. Genie garage door opener accessories available in various types and models just like the openers, such as keypad, wall console and remote control. Genie Keychain garage door opener is one of the best products of Genie accessories.
The Genie keychain garage door opener is one type of Genie garage door opener remote control. Here is the selection that you might want to consider as remote replacement:

  • Genie 3-Button Genie Compatible Keychain and Visor Garage Door Opener Remote. This is a G3T-R model remote control. You can use this 3-button remote to control Genie Intellicode openers that manufactured after 1996. The remote is equipped with secure rolling code technology, the standard security feature by Genie. As this remote has 3 button, you can use this remote to control up to three doors. Normally, the first and the second remote buttons are set to control Genie Intellicode 2, meanwhile the third is set for Genie Intellicode 1 but you can change all buttons to be Intellicode 1 as written on the instruction.
  • Genie Intellicode Mini Keychain Remote GIT390-4. This unique designed remote control is intended to control Genie garage door openers that manufactured after 1997 only. This Genie keychain garage door opener remote control will not work if you use it to older Genie garage door opener made after 1997 as there are no security code switches inside transmitters, receivers or door operators. However, this remote control will compatible with Overhead CodeDodger made in 1997 up to present. This mini keychain remote is only 2.5” in size, but can control up to four garage doors in a single remote.
genie keychain garage door opener

This Genie keychain remote control will compatible with Overhead CodeDodger made in 1997 up to present.

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