Genie Keypad Garage Door Opener Installation

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Since 1954, Genie has manufactured excellent garage door openers. The experience leads Genie to produce other products besides Genie garage door opener. The other excellent products are such as Genie parts and Genie accessories. Genie accessories are varying from Genie remote control, Genie wall console, and Genie keypad garage door opener.

It is easy to install Genie keypad garage door opener as other access device installation. Mounting keypad is one of the procedures of the installation. Before mounting Genie keypad, it is better to program Genie keypad first for the sake of the convenience.

Programming the Genie keypad garage door opener starts with pressing and holding PROGRAM set key for about two seconds. The round LED responds by turning blue and then off while the long LED will flash in purple. Go to your opener and press the learn code button, its LED is blinking. Now, enter your secret PIN on keypad and press the up or down key. The opener LED is stay lit. Press again the down or up key button and the opener LED will go off. Once again, press the down or up key button and the door opener will start to run.

Now you can mount the keypad to the wall. Make sure the location of mounting is within sight so you can easily find the keypad in the dark. The location is also free from any moving parts and at least as high as 5 feet above the floor. As you finish, remove the keypad battery cover and batteries.

You can start mounting keypad by making a hole for top mounting screw with size of 1/16” pilot hole. Now, install a screw into the pilot hole and you will see the screw has lefta gap between the screw head and the wall with 1/18” in size. Get the slotted mount hooked on the back over the screw. As you finish, you can make other holes for the bottom screw by marking and drilling a pilot hole. Secure the keypad to the wall and reinstall the batteries and keypad cover back.

genie keypad garage door opener

You can start mounting keypad by making a hole for top mounting screw with size of 1/16” pilot hole.

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