Genie Garage Door Opener Wall Switch Selection

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Genie manufactures accessories other than garage door openers. Genie accessories are varied, for example remote control, keypad and wall console. Wall console or wall switch is the accessory in addition to a remote control to open and close the garage door from inside the garage without using a remote. Just like a transmitter does, the wall console will send signals to the opener to operate the door. It is likely that the wall switch sometimes fails to do its job. You don’t need to worry as you can have Genie garage door opener wall switch selection to replace the broken one and operate your garage door opener again.

Genie garage door opener wall switch

Apparently, Genie garage door wall console not only control the door opener but also function as a security lock out switch.

Genie garage door opener wall switch available in various type, the wall switch is available with one-button and three-button wall switch. There are numbers of wall switch selection that you can consider buying:

  • The first selection of Genie garage door opener wall switch is the two button GPWC-BX Genie Wall Console 3-function. The first button is for light and the other button for controlling the door and light time delay and also a vacation switch. This wall console is intended to be used with Genie Intellicode garage door openers with Series II circuit boards.
  • The second selection is Genie Intellicode Garage Door Opener Wall Button Series II 29599S. This is a standard lighted wall button of Genie and works with Series II electronics only. The wall button is equipped with Genie Intellicode technology This item also compatible to be used with Code Dodger product.
  • The third selection is Genie Garage Door Opener Series II Wall Console. This is a deluxe wall console by Genie. The item is intended to be used for Series II electronics only and for Genie Intellicode garage door openers. The item has three functions with two buttons. The function is to operate the door, to control lights and as a security lock out switch.

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