How To Buy Genie Garage Door Opener Correctly

July 11, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Door Opener Accessories.

Genie is a seriously biggest garage door opener manufacturer. With long experience, through time Genie has produced not only reliable garage door opener but also powerful. There are some of the product that quite strong, some other products offer a smooth operation. Which one that you need to have?  Apparently, you need instruction how to buy Genie garage door opener correctly.

When it is time to buy Genie garage door opener, consider about the specification of the garage door opener such as size, weight, and construction. You need to know well about the clearance above the door opening so you know where to mount the opener well. Consider about the room above the garage if you have a room it will affect you to select a less noisy opener. Think about the safety and security features as well as the accessories to match with your need.

When you want to buy Genie garage door opener, you want your garage door opener is a long lasting and also economical as you will use it on a daily basis. There are four things to consider to buy it correctly, such as:

  1. Safety features: safety feature is one of the important considerations as it related to a heavy moving object and the safety of your family member and things around it. It is wise to choose what safety features to work with opener and the reliability of the safety feature.
  2. Power Level. Choose power level that matches with the feature of your garage door such as the size, construction and the weight.
  3. Drive Type: Genie has three different drive type, they are Chain Drive, Belt Drive and Direct Drive Screw. Each of the Drive type has own uniqueness, strength, and durability.
  4. Speed. Each garage door models has their own speed of operating garage door ranging from 6 inches to 12 inches per second opening speed.
There are three types of drive system of Genie garage door opener

There are three types of drive system of Genie garage door opener.

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