Replacement Genie Garage Door Opener Remote Control For Various Kinds of Openers

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Besides a various range of Genie garage door openers, Genie the biggest brand in manufacturing garage door opener also produces a wide range of accessories. Genie accessories include wall console, keypad, and remote control. With half century experience producing great products, Genie provides a breakthrough item by producing Universal remote, a replacement Genie garage door opener remote control for various kinds of openers.

A replacement Genie garage door opener remote control is usually made to replace a broken or old garage door opener remote control which is no longer produced. This Universal Remote exceeds the needs of Genie garage door opener users, the remote control  that works not only with Genie garage door opener, but also with Linear, Multicode, Liftmaster/Chamberlain, Stanley, Wayne-Dalton and Moore-O-Matic garage door openers.

Do not doubt Genie compatibility product, you do not need to bother to determine the compatibility of this replacement Genie garage door opener remote control as it can work well as long as to used with openers from above mentioned manufacturers.

replacement genie garage door opener remote control

Universal remote is a replacement remote to work with opener from other manufacturer.

The Universal Remote will work to seek dual frequencies 390/315 MHZ and amazingly able to control two doors from different manufacturers at the same time. There are two buttons on the Universal Remote, you can program one button to work with Genie garage door opener while the other button to work with Liftmaster system. Using this  remote, you can easily program any combinations of two doors needed.

The Universal remote is a wafer or coin cell battery powered and equipped with visor clip. To avoid a confusion, below is a compatibility list of products that work well with Genie Universal Remote:

This product replaces Genie GT90-1, GT90-3, GT912, AT85, AT95, GT90, GT90-1, GT90-3, AT90, AT95, AT95P, AT85A, BLUE MAX CM7500 remote.

While for openers from other manufacturers are Chamberlain, Lift-Master, Sears Craftsman: 390 MHz Rolling Code, 315 MHz Rolling Code, 390 MHz Billion Code, 390 MHz DIP switches ( 7, 8 and 9 position). Linear 300 MHz MultiCode, Linear 318 MHz MegaCode, Moore-O-Matic 310 MHz DIP Switch ( 8 position), Stanley 310 MHz Rolling Code ( SecureCode), Stanley 310 MHz DIP Switch ( 10 position) and Wayne-Dalton.

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