How To Repair Genie Garage Door Opener Intellicode Remote

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Genie Intellicode system is a rolling code technology as a security feature of Genie products that able to change more than 4.3 billion different codes every time garage door close or open. Genie has manufactured Genie Intellicode garage door opener since 1996 along with Intellicode remote to replace the dip switch code technology. When you find the opener does not work with the remote control, it is time to repair Genie garage door opener Intellicode remote.

Instead of directly purchasing new remote control to replace the non-working remote, it is wise enough to try to repair Genie garage door opener Intellicode remote first. You need to prepare flat-head screwdriver or a coin, A-23 12 volt battery, and a ladder to perform the repairing.

How to repair Genie garage door opener Intellicode remote starting with taking out the battery of the remote control and replacing the old battery with the new battery of A-23 12 volt by Eveready. The action is needed to make sure that the malfunction of remote control is not caused by the battery. Test the new battery to know whether the door moves or not.

If you find the door does not move, reach the opener motor using a ladder. Find the learn button on the motor unit, it is located near force adjustment screws. Press the learn button and the LED is blinking as you release the learn button. Now, press the remote button and LED stays lit. Press again the remote button, the LED will off and you will see the door is moving.

You can inspect a hanging antennae wire if the door still does not move. The antennae is located on the back of the motor unit, you can adjust the position by moving the antennae in a different direction from previous direction. Try to test, by pushing the button on the remote whether your garage door is moving or not.

repair genie garage door opener

Before you decided to call a professional assistance or buying a new remote, try to repair your remote first.

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