Program Genie Garage Door Opener For Wireless Keypad LED

June 3, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Installation Tips.

Known as the largest brand of garage door opener, Genie’s product nowadays are more reliable and powerful. With the advanced technology they used since their first time producing, they never stop to make any innovation to ease and please the costumers. As the ease to program that they always offer, when it is time to program genie garage door opener will never be that difficult if you want to learn.

To program genie garage door opener at first check what kind of model do you have. Here is the instruction to program garage door with wireless keypad LED. There are two type of genie with wireless keypad LED, the new genie openers and the other new model genie openers. For the new genie opener the Learn Code Button and LED is near the antenna and we should open the light lens first before programming. While the other new model has located the learn code button and LED inside so we should open the cover to get the learn code button.

Program Genie Garage Door Opener

The learn code button and the LED is located near the antenna

Next step of how to program genie garage door opener with wireless keypad is synchronizing keypad to opener. For the new genie openers (A) just press and hold simultaneously program set key, just in two seconds the round LED will turn blue and suddenly the light offs while the long LED starting to turn purple. For the other new model (B) is more simple, just press the button written learn code button and suddenly the LED go blinking.

After you get it started, you may enter the desirable PIN end it with pressing the up or down key. In this moment, the opener LEDs will be steady. Next step, press again the up or down key and this time the opener LEDs will go off. You have to repeat the previous step once again, pressing up or down key and this time your door opener will finally run.

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