Let’s Find Who Sells Genie Garage Door Openers

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Who will doubt that Genie is a famous and trusted company in manufacturing garage door opener. Genie has a long history in manufacturing garage door opener that reliable and powerful. At the first time, in 1923, the company was firstly known as the Alliance Manufacturing Company. The company was running to produce many kinds of industrial products. The first garage door opener made by the company launched in 1954 and years after the company introduced the first Screw Drive opener publicly and amazingly become a biggest seller product. The company is working with retailers to sell the product. The seller who sells Genie garage door openers is selling DIY market separated to professional line openers.

The primary retailer who sells Genie garage door openers of DIY market is Sears. Genie garage door opener is not the only manufacturer that working with Sears, Sears also sells Craftsman Line of garage door opener. You can also find Sears online at their website www.sears.com or www.searspartsdirect.com

The other primary retailer who sells Genie garage door openers is Home Depot and Lowe’s. You can find Home Depot online trough their website www.homedepot.com and www.lowes.com. The other online website where you can find Genie’s DIY product is at Amazon.com

who sells genie garage door openers

Find nearest Home Depot Store to purchase Genie garage door opener or find it online.

The seller not only provide you the garage door openers made by Genie but also the accessories, parts, manuals and even diagram to any repairing project of Genie garage door opener.

If you want to get a genuine garage door parts and accessories for your Genie garage door opener via online, you can visit www.geniedoor.com. The other website where you can find bargain prices for Genie garage door openers, parts, and accessories is www.garagedoorsupplyco.com.

You can also visit www.walmart.com to compare the item of Genie garage door opener and get the lowest prices and the best product through all sellers who sell Genie garage door openers, the garage door opener accessories, garage door opener parts and many more.

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