Genie Garage Door Opener, What To Consider?

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Genie as widely known is a famous and the one of the biggest brand of garage door opener. Genie has a long history of more than a half century in manufacturing garage door opener. The experience brought Genie to be a trusted manufacturer in producing openers, accessories, parts and etc. Why should we buy a Genie garage door opener? Here are some of the considerations.

Why would you need to consider buying Genie garage door opener? Genie has reliable and powerful garage door. There are various types of garage door openers selections such as Belt Drive Opener, Chain Drive Opener and Screw Drive Opener. For quiet operation, you can select Belt Drive opener. For a reasonable price you can select the Chain Drive opener. For the most reliable garage door opener and durable, you can choose the Screw Drive opener.

The other reasons why you should consider the Genie garage door is the access security technology features. Genie garage door opener uses Intellicode technology as the security system. The system will change the code automatically each time the remote control operates the door and will stop the unwanted access to your garage. Despite a power outage occurs, the Intellicode system will incorporate an emergency release kit so you can still use it.

The remote control is also contributes the benefit of having Genie opener. The remote will automatically open and close the door, and do not bother you to do it manually to open and close the heavy door. With a single click of a button, just like a magic happens your door will automatically close or open even in the extreme weather. The remote of Genie is including many kinds of inbuilt security features such as infrared beam system and Safe T Beam system. The Safe-T-Beam system will project an invisible beam across the door opening and when the beam passes anything the door will stop moving and reverse its direction to the full open position.

Genie Garage Door Opener

Consider the security feature, the accessories provided, and the selection of the garage door opener models when buying a Genie garage door opener.

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