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Genie has a long history in manufacturing garage door opener. Who knows that at the first time the company is not running for manufacturing garage door opener. However, when the first mass-produced garage door opener steals the market interest. Although the demand of garage door opener is not as high as today’s demand, when Genie launched first Screw Drive opener became a successfully bestsellers of garage door opener products. The other outstanding garage door openers of Genie at the time of its production is Genie 450 garage door opener.

Genie 450 opener is approximately manufactured in 1970s. Compared to updated Genie garage door openers today, the Genie 450 garage door opener belonged to one of the best garage door opener ever made at that time. You may still find the Genie garage door opener 450 model at houses that uses Genie garage door opener for a long time.

The problem is when you have a Genie 450 garage door opener and you find the garage door opener is malfunctioning, where you have to get the replacement parts or accessories?

It is likely that you have 30 years old Genie garage door opener and starts to act up when a wintertime or any other extreme weather, what you should do? It is likely due to the grease used in manufacturing. The best thing you can do is spraying WD-40 lightly on the rail and it will loosen the grease.  Chances are, when you try to repair your old Genie garage door when it acts up during winter you will only prolong the life span not fixing the problem.  As the company says, the best thing you have to do towards your Genie garage door opener made before 1993 is replacing your old Genie garage door opener, not to try to troubleshoot it nor repair it or it will cost you a fortune.

genie 450 garage door opener

The Genie 450 garage door opener is belonged to one of the best garage door opener ever made at that time.

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