Genie Garage Door Opener Problem: The Basic Cases

June 4, 2014 | By Rahma | Filed in: Troubleshooting Tips.

Nowadays work can’t be much easier with the help of Genie garage door opener. Just imagine you just need to sit down behind the wheel and the Genie will open and close your garage door even in the hard pouring rain. Yet, sometime your convenience little bit interfered when the genie garage door opener problem comes. What to do when the problem occurs?

Most of genie garage door opener problems are manageable. Mostly, people  complaints almost the same thing about how their garage door suddenly stops, not operating properly, their garage door won’t up or down, and etc. When the problem comes, since it is manageable there is no need to call the professional and it is better to fix rather than replace it. Also, the manual is more than enough to help you with some basic problems.

 Genie Garage Door Opener Problem

The door opens but it doesn’t open completely

Here are some basic cases, mostly find in genie garage door opener problem that you can fix it by yourself.

  • Garage door open smoothly, but it doesn’t want to close, what to do? It seems the core problem lies on close limit. You will need to adjust your close limit switch. If the problems still occur, do manually lower and raise the garage door and see if there any binding when you lower or raise it.
  • My garage door can open, but it won’t fully open. What to do? Just check your open limit switch and move it toward the motor unit.
  • Neither remote nor wall switch can operate my garage door, what to do? The problem probably lies on the power source, check the motor unit and make sure it is plugged in.
  • The motor unit doesn’t stop running, although the garage door open, what to do? Check the limit switch and relocate it a bit away from the motor unit.

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