Types Of Garage Door Openers Genie

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Genie is known as the biggest garage door opener manufacturer that has a long history in the garage door opener industry. The company has produced the garage door opener from the time that there is no demand of garage door opener.  Up to present, there are countless of garage door openers Genie has manufactured.

The first opener that noticeable up until now is Screw Drive opener. This opener is the first bestsellers product made by Genie and the company insists to keep on using the Screw Drive system up until now. The reason why Screw Drive is still produced is because this is among garage door openers Genie manufactured that uses few parts to operate. Few parts mean easy to use and little malfunction will happen. To lift the door the Screw Drive opener works on a series of strong steel bolts and not using the belt or a chain.

The second type of garage door openers Genie manufactured is Chain Drive opener. Just like the name, the Chain Drive opener made by Genie works by using a chain. Since using a chain to lift the door, Genie user needs to lubricate the chain regularly, otherwise this garage door will make a noisy sound as it operates. For those who have room above the garage it is better not to use this type of garage door opener. However, this type of opener is cheaper rather than the other Genie garage door opener products.

The third type of Genie garage door openers is Belt Drive opener. The belt drive opener works by using a belt to lift up the garage door. It is known that the Belt Drive opener models are much quieter and fits well for houses with a room above the garage.

The fourth type of made is The Genie Excelerator opener. The Excelerator uses Screw Drive system and run twice faster, rather than other Genie garage door openers. Thanks to its lined track, the Excelerator is known for the quietest garage door opener made by Genie.

Garage door openers Genie

The Excelerator is known for the quietest garage door opener made by Genie.

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