How To Program Genie Remote Garage Door Opener After Changing Battery?

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Genie is not only known for its garage door opener, but also known for the innovative and revolutionize accessories and parts. Genie makes sure that all accessories are easy to be installed and programmed. Genie accessories include remote, keypad, and wall switch. A Genie garage door can be controlled with the three accessories or one of them. All Genie accessories are installed in the factory and are programmed by the Genie installer and you can use it right away to control the opener that comes with the remote.

However, as time goes by and you use it the remote almost every day, you need to change the battery of your remote. So, how to program Genie remote garage door opener after replacing the remote battery?

A garage door opener by Genie is equipped with wall switch along with a remote to control garage door opener opens and closes. When you need to replace the battery, you can control the garage door opener through the wall switch.

After replacing the new battery, you can perform how to program Genie remote garage door opener instruction as follows:

Try to reach the power head of the opener using a ladder and bring the remote with new battery inside.  Find the LEARN or PROGRAM button along with the indicator light near it. You may find the button and the indicator light on the back of the opener in red or black color.

Press and hold the LEARN or PROGRAM button for about 10 or 15 seconds. The indicator light or the button is blinking. The remote is ready to be programmed.

Within 30 seconds, point the remote at the opener. Press and release the remote button for 10-15 seconds. The indicator light on the opener is flashing. Press and release the remote button again to test the remote. Press and release the button on the remote once again and how to program Genie remote garage door opener is complete.

how to program Genie remote garage door opener

Locate the Learn or Program button on the opener, once you have finished changing the remote battery.

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